"Leveton Forte" — preadaptation sports nutrition with vitamins. Purchased by the sports Committee of the Russian Federation for preparation of Olympic teams.

"Leveton Forte" is recommended for professional athletes, Amateur athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. Increases performance and endurance, gives power, boosts testosterone, improves immunity and body resistance to unfavorable external factors. Has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system.

The action of "Leveton Forte" confirmed the all-Russian research Institute of physical culture and sports of Moscow. Effects on the body "Leveton Forte" was studied on a test group of sportsmen of high qualification of cyclic sports. They require maximum strength, as uniform repetitive movement are spending a huge amount of energy.

According to these studies "Leveton Forte" improves performance and endurance. Recommended for adaptation to high loads of aerobic orientation (including PANO), improving testosterone levels, reducing the incidence of in training and recovery periods, as well as accelerate acclimatization.

Examination of the line of RUSADA, conducted in January 2010 confirmed the absence in the composition of the traces of doping substances.

Thus "Leveton Forte" is recommended for Jogging, athletics, Nordic walking, biathlon, Cycling, rowing, speed skating, ski racing, jumping, swimming, underwater sport, throwing, and shot put, pentathlon.

However, the requirements of endurance and efficiency are relevant not only for cyclic sports, but for sports games (football, hockey, etc.), as well as combined events and combined types (triathlon, biathlon, seven -, and decathlon, etc.).

In the modern classification of pharmacological agents increase endurance there are four main groups. "Leveton Forte" refers to that never depletes by type of action: metabolic and economisirea. That is, "Leveton Forte has a metabolic effect, not depleting the reserve capacity of the organism.

To and sustainable type of action are means of the classes of aktoprotektors, steroid and nonsteroidal anabolics, nootropics, adaptogens and Energomash connections.

Adaptogens is Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, ginseng, leuzea. Energoaudit compounds: vitamins, amino acids, macroergic, as well as pollen, Royal jelly and drone brood.

"Leveton Forte" contains lewsey, pollen and drone brood.

Part of the "Leveton Forte№: flower pollen (0.1 g), powder of rhizomes with roots levzei safronovoi (0.05 g), the homogenate Trutnev with vitamin B6 (0.05 g), ascorbic acid (0.03 g), alpha tocopherol acetate (0.003 g), maltose (0.3 g), excipients (to 0.5 g).

"Leveton Forte". Recommendations for admission

Dosage — depending on the load and weight of the person. Between doses is 1 month.
  1. on weight 70 kg 2 tablets 3 times a day before meals for three weeks;
  2. weight less than 70 kg — 1 tablet 3 times a day before meals for three weeks.

In addition to the "Leveton Forte" company Parafarm" manufactures a full line of natural sports nutrition Polideportivo actions.

For innovative projects in the field of health and sports company Parafarm" received several major awards, is a member of SKOLKOVO. For significant contribution to the training of Russian athletes for the Olympic games was awarded with medal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.